Sunday, 10 July 2011

And Where Do You Go For A Bitcoin Shopping Bargain...?

Wow, this is turning out to be quite the retail therapy weekend for bitcoiners. Earlier I mentioned the launch of upscale BitCoin World Market, and now BitCoinz SuperStore!

Based in Canada, BitCoinz SuperStore is reaching out to the masses with its claim to offer a marketplace where users can purchase items at rock bottom prices. And, if it's successful in attracting an audience beyond current bitcoiners, then it'll certainly work wonders for bitcoin as an exchange medium/currency, as they only accept bitcoin for payment. 

Currently there are over 350+ products to choose from and shipping is free worldwide. The types of products on offer include AV equipment, cameras, cell phones, games consoles, MP3/MP4/MP5/E-Book players, and tablet PCs, among others.

The site looks professional enough and seems pretty easy to navigate. Sadly, the quality of product photos leaves  a lot to be desired and, coupled with a lack of brand names on many items, could leave room for doubt in a prospective purchasers mind.

However, while manufacturer/brand name may often be absent, there are, generally, detailed technical specs and dimensions, so it's possible to do a little online research and find branded products that meet the same specifications and see that you are, indeed, getting a bargain. At the end of the day, it boils down to whether you'd rather pay premium for the perceived security of a known brand name or if you simply want a product with particular features and functions at a fraction of the price. This is not the site for brand snobs.

If in doubt, I'm happy to try BitCoinz SuperStore out and give an account of my shopping experience and product satisfaction for generous donations to my tip jar. :)

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