Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bitcoin: Sex, Drugs And... Baklava And Crepes?

New York – crazy people, crazy city. Gotta love it though and, if the song is to be believed, if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere – which bodes well for bitcoin!

If you've only recently come across bitcoin, chances are you've heard that it can only be used for paying for porn and buying illicit drugs.True, bitcoin, much like all major fiat currencies, has been used for both. But, hey, let's not forget that, when it comes to being an early adopter of new technology, the porn industry is no slouch.  Remember the fight for dominance of the video industry in the '70s/'80s between VHS and Betamax? The porn industry had a LOT to do with that outcome. While you might titter at the nostalgic attachment anyone might have to a VHS VCR, you can't but help pointing and laughing hysterically at anyone with a Betamax VCR in their attic.

O'Crepes' bitcoin announcement tweet
However, two New York eateries have decided to add more savoury offerings to users of bitcoin (with a few sweets on the menu too). First there's Meze Grill, a midtown Manhattan restaurant where Mediterranean food meets modern flavor. Below is an episode of The Bitcoin Show in which Marwan Salem, founder and owner of the first restaurant in the world to accept bitcoin at the cash register, talks to Bruce Wagner about his decision and his experience with the digital currency (you fan jump straight to around the 8:00 mark). Joining them via skype are the three founders and owners of TradeHill.com, one of the most prominent online bitcoin exchanges. Then, on June 23rd, a day before this episode of The Bitcoin Show first aired, O'Crepes, a fresh creperie in Dumbo, Brooklyn, offering an organic signature product line which consists of low calorie crepes made from buckwheat, whole-wheat, and original flour rich in nutrition, announced that they now accept bitcoin too!

Is it me or is it a coincidence that the first two early-adopter restaurants accepting bitcoin in real-world establishments both sell healthy and organic food? How soon before major fast food restaurants want to prove that they, too, can be just as healthy for America and start accepting bitcoin? Hmm... I can see it now... "and would you like a bitcoin salad with your supersized meal?" :-)

So Manhattan and Dumbo today, perhaps, not to be outdone, Fort Greene and Williamsburg tomorrow, and then...? If you're a retailer/merchant in Fort Greene, Williamsburg or, indeed, anywhere in the world, and you're interested in finding out how you can accept bitcoin at your establishment, visit BitcoinMe.com for details.

Oh, no wait! Before pressing the "publish" button, a google search came across Duck Yao, another US eaterie, this time in Worcester, Massachusetts, a BYOB restaurant and purveyor of delicious, creative, vegan Asian cuisine. Ha! Not sure when they started accepting it, but this could mean that there may already be more brick and mortar restaurants and other establishments that take bitcoin. Come on, don't be shy. Let us know you're out there – wherever you are!

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