Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bitcoin ATM

Acquiring and storing them can, for some, seem a daunting prospect and, therefore, the first two hurdles at which the average person will balk at actually dipping their toe in the often rapid ebb and flow that is bitcoin. There are various online exchanges where you can buy and sell bitcoin much like you can any commodity but, if it's really a currency, wouldn't it be easier to just get them the same way you do with normal currency, like, say, from an ATM?

Well, very soon that's exactly what you should be able to do thanks to Todd Bethell of Bitcoin ATM. The machines will take cash and you'll either be able to get your bitcoin sent to any bitcoin address or will be able to get Bitbills dispensed from the machine, giving you something tangible you can hold.

Information is pretty thin on the ground as yet but in the video below, Bethell, tells us about his project. There's also another Bitcoin ATM video which you can watch here, where Bethell explains how and why he came up with the idea, and shows off his first machine which he says he acquired from the fourth largest ATM manufacturer in the world.

The plan is to roll out 10 in the next six weeks, with 250 worldwide within the next 6 months. 

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